About Us


The mission of G2g is to restore passion for America, good government and securing a sustainable legacy for future generations to come.  By empowering citizens to teach and train their children & their children’s children, G2g will bring lasting change to the culture and nation!  G2g.Org’s goal is to bring unity to families, generations, races and denominations built on the foundational principles as expressed in the Declaration of Independence and formed in the Constitution that will then strengthen the future of America not only for this generation but all future American generations.

Because you can’t impart what you don’t possess G2g.org educates American parents and citizens through its books, blog, training material and public speaking:

  • about the Christian Heritage of America,
  • Biblical worldview,
  • the founding documents,
  • the Ten Commandments,
  • how our system of government works and
  • how people of faith can and should make a difference in the electoral process.

Christian citizens will then be equipped to have an impact in their local communities and impart these truths to the next generation.

In addition G2g.Org’s HONOR PROJECT carries these truths to the seat of state government by training Christian staffers in these principles and imparting the understanding of their duty to be true gate keepers for the Christian legislators for whom they work.  The end result of this training will be staffers who can articulate the proper role of government and discern when legislation does not fall into the limited role of government where laws respect citizens, protect family, church, free enterprise and respect God.  They will also be positioned to discern when other staff, legislators and lobbyists attempt to use them to turn their representative away from his/her core values.

The HONOR PROJECT will be a tool for accountability for each Christian elected State Representative or State Senator.   We will always point them back to God for the answers they need to the difficult and complex issues facing them daily.  This project is all about each representative and their relationship with God.  If they stay close to Him and on target with Him then they will stand strong for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.



In order to accomplish the mission G2g.Org is introducing materials/curriculum that can be used to accomplish this educational purpose. These will be distributed through conferences, speaking engagements, television and radio appearances, patriotic forums, and churches. In addition, the organization is and will utilize the various platforms available through the internet to disseminate to Christian citizens how to discern today’s issues through a Constitutional and Biblical perspective with the understanding that it is their responsibility to teach these truths to their children and grandchildren.

All materials and activities will be geared towards accomplishing the larger purpose of bridging the values gap between the working poor and the upper middle class. This will facilitate advancing unity across socioeconomic, denominational, racial and generational lines – strengthening families and the church in the process.

In the future, materials will be developed that will stress the importance of generational legacy and the practical aspects of being intentional in parenting.  Also, G2g.Org plans to offer community impact curriculum (life skills training for youth and parents, including the purpose of money and entrepreneurship, as well as mentoring) to be used by churches and other community/ministry minded organizations to enable citizens to move from just surviving to thriving with sustainable prosperity, peace and justice.

Securing the future for our children and grandchildren will be accomplished through the above materials and activities. Understanding where we came from – our history – will promote the concepts that our forefathers laid as the foundation for a free nation. Commitment to the concepts of life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness (or opportunity for success), personal responsibility and property ownership will indeed truly secure the American way of life will continue for generations.



The ultimate goal is bringing unity to families, generations, races and denominations built on the common foundational principles as expressed in the Declaration of Independence that will then strengthen the future of America not only for our generation but all future American generations.  These principles will also advance sustainable prosperity and freedom for each generation as well as an understanding of truth that secures greater liberty for all.