Christmas Thoughts and Year-end Update

As we enter this Christmas week let us rest in the knowledge and understanding of just what a miracle the birth of Jesus represented. The world at that time was a very dark place not unlike the world we live in today. His mission was to live as man in a dark world which included facing the same challenges and temptations as every other man. Because He was the son of God he was sinless but He still had to make the same decisions that we have to make when faced with challenges, crisis and temptation.

He had free choice just as we do. Because the mission was to bring man back into an intimate relationship with God through the shedding of innocent blood, he was able to make decisions in line with God’s precepts by keeping his eye on the goal. Oh how awesome is the love He had for us that enabled Him to live a humble life as a man on earth. He was God but He chose to be born as a man in order to bring about a perfect reconciliation between God and His creation, man.

The picture of the Apple Nativity above is the perfect expression of Jesus’ mission on earth. Adam sinned when he disobeyed God by eating the forbidden fruit and Jesus was born as a babe to fulfill God’s greatest desire – that we could be reconciled back to Him. God is so good!

All we have to do is read the news to know what the world without Jesus looks like. Those of us who have chosen to surrender our lives to live reconciled to God have hope, joy and peace no matter what the news may be. I hope that all who read this have made the choice to receive the gift of salvation and reconciliation. If you haven’t Christmas is a great time to make that decision. But, it is your choice.

My prayer this Christmas for us is that we would stand strong and courageous in the face of a sinful world that says sin is good and righteousness is evil. That we would do so joyfully as unto God and that as we do the world around us will be blessed by our self-less attitude and gratitude for all He has done for us. After all, we are blessed so that we can bless others. Expect miracles, expect the ‘suddenly’ of God to manifest during this season. Merry Christmas and May 2016 be your year to step into your true purpose and destiny!

2015 Year-end Update

This has been an eventful year for G2g.Org. We launched the Texas Honor Project in January with the start of the 84th Texas legislative session. The mission of the Honor Project is simply to support those Christian House members who love the Lord with all their hearts. Encouraging through prayer and by our presence reminding them of their priority of nurturing a close relationship with the Lord while they serve Him by serving their districts. Also, to encourage keeping a long-term approach to public policy so that future generations of Texans will be blessed with liberty.

The other part of this equation is the staff members who work for these Representatives. We provided an email Bible study on the foundations of Liberty throughout the session and offered encouragement, prayer and support so they remember why they are there. They work long hours and get paid little so we provided breakfast during the first week of February. Many times they are not treated well by angry voters and those who do not share their belief system. It seems that everyone wants something from them and their Representatives so we are there just to remind them how loved and appreciated they are. At the end of the session we gave them the study in book form. In fact G2g has published this study (Gatekeeper 101) and it is up on our website.

March 31st, during the Legislative Session, Joyce Meyer Ministries called and ordered 1,000 copies of What Were They Thinking? On Truth, Liberty & Legacy and that was a huge miracle for distribution purposes. So at the end of 2015 G2g has three books in print and we are expanding our reach each month. This has been a good year but there is much more to do if we are to really impact the nation.

Next year we are planning to 1) translate What Were They Thinking book into Spanish; 2) Write a small booklet to be given out by ESL teachers on the story of America to help immigrants fall in love with the American idea and values with basic civics information; 3) Produce 3min video/utube segments of What Were They Thinking to reach millennials and 4) put the book on a CD for those who like to listen to books.

Please remember G2g.Org as you plan your year-end giving. All of the above projects require finances and prayer support in order to get them done correctly.

G2g is a 501c3 organization. You can go to and click on the “Donate” button. You have the option through PayPal to make a one-time donation or a recurring monthly donation. If you prefer to mail in a contribution make the check out to G2g.Org and send to 1208 Serenade Circle, Plano TX 75075. Thank you for your support.