Do We Have the Courage to Change?

Now that we have the history of education from the Garden to Postmodernism, can we afford to live with the status quo? I hope that we are willing to do what it takes to secure a future of liberty for our children, nieces, nephews and grandchildren.

It is easy for us to say, “What can one person do?” It reminds me of a scene from “A Bug’s Life” where the wicked leaders were dealing with one courageous ant. Most of the followers of the wicked leaders were laughing at him but one wise ant pointed out that “yes, it was just one ant but if they all stand up to us we lose”.

Remember, the whole purpose of political correctness is to keep everyone afraid to speak out and stand up for truth. But if we join forces and all stand up and speak out they will lose. Joshua was admonished three times in the first chapter of Joshua to be strong and courageous (Joshua 1:6, 7, and 9) because God had given them victory. All they had to do was trust God and obey.

We have the victory, but we have to be strong and courageous to face the battles boldly on the way to winning the war. God has given us His plan, principles and strategy by which we are to live. Unfortunately, few of us have taken them seriously and it has led to the current collapse of our culture including education.

So what do we do about the current situation in education?

First, identify liberty-minded parents, grandparents and citizens that will stand united for quality education.
Second, begin to educate and mobilize them to attend school board meetings or at least stay up to date on what is going on in schools.

Third, find and vet strong candidates that are willing to stand up to the system and ask questions is the challenge. The nature of schools boards is to work as a team and go along with whatever the superintendent wants without question. Is that what we elect them to do?

Fourth, once you find them it is time to start working to get them elected by raising money for the race, block walking, hosting a neighborhood coffee to introduce them, telling your friends and family about them and getting the vote out on election day.

When your candidates are elected attend the Board meetings to show your support for them. Above all pray for them. They will need the prayer support. If you hear of things going on in the schools let them know. Keep them abreast of issues happening around the nation regarding education as you hear about them. They need to be alerted to things making their way through the Department of Education and other states so they can prepare a strategy to counter act them.

Fifth, if you have students in the district it is important that you keep an open conversation with your student regarding what they are learning and doing in school. For Christian parents, the areas of most concern are social studies (history, economics, government, and geography), science and literature.

Common Core or whatever new name is being used at the time has shifted the types of literature from classical literature to magazine articles and other periodicals. Classical literature teaches history as well as reading comprehension and appreciation. Since History and government textbooks have already been rewritten the focus is now English literature. Why? Because classical literature contains the history, morals and culture of the period in which it was written. This clearly shows the true intent to indoctrinate to a new way of thinking or group think.

Parents we cannot afford to delude ourselves that our schools are working to fully educate the next generation. It is time to take action to protect the hearts and minds of our children.

Sixth, in order to counteract what is being taught in school parents must take time to teach truth in the evenings. Christian parents need to find a good worldview curriculum to do at home with their children. This will equip them to recognize truth and know what they believe. The more scripture they have in their hearts the more liberty minded they will be. This is the ultimate protection from the relativism or secular humanism taught in school.

Discussion Question: What can we do to improve the education of our own children and grandchildren? What will it require of us and how can we adjust our schedules to accomplish this goal?