Election Season Part II

The election cycle is in full swing and now it is left up to ‘we the people’ to figure out which candidates are the most trustworthy and competent. Then if you are a Bible believing Christian discerning which one will stand strong for Religious liberty and promote Judeo-Christian values.

Much of the enticement of Donald Trump comes from twelve years of the Republican leadership not respecting the grass roots. The attitude that we don’t understand how things work in government (they are the experts, trust us) has come back to haunt them during this election cycle. They have no one to blame but themselves. I believe what we are witnessing is God ripping the power of the establishment from them and giving it back to the people.

Last week we witnessed the last debate before the primaries start and the field is definitely being narrowed down. All three are good presidential material and far superior to what we have had for the last seven years. But which one is God’s choice to lead the nation and returning it back to the world power we were eight years ago? This is the most dangerous time we have seen in the world and we need a strong leader to step up to quell the chaos.

Then there are the domestic issues that have been either created or made worse in the last eight years. Which one has the wisdom, knowledge and understanding to deal with healthcare, the economy, dissolution of the family, religious freedom, protect our veterans, and truly promote liberty for all Americans? We need a president that really knows and reverences our Constitution. This is where we really have to pray for God’s answer as well as research each man’s record. There are false issues raised to put questions in our minds regarding their records or whether they are eligible to run. Realize that as these questions are raised that they are a distraction because behind every accusation there is a lie.

I think we all want a man of integrity, honesty, justice and uprightness of heart who demonstrates strong leadership. A man filled with the knowledge of God and His wisdom. This is a standard that most Christians would like to see. But we have to remember we are electing a president and not a pastor and that no man is perfect.

Throughout history God has raised up leaders for a specific time and anointed them to do the job required for that season. In the Bible, God anointed Cyrus to bless Israel. God anointed Abraham Lincoln for his time and in England He anointed Winston Churchill during WWII. These men were not the most religious and some we would classify as pagan but they were principled and not corrupt.

There is a difference between a pastor and a governmental leader. Christians are notorious for not voting if they do not feel that either candidate is perfect but Jesus has never been on the ballot and never will be. The truth is that only half of professing Christians are even registered to vote and of those only half actually make it to the polls. Last election 5 million did not vote because Romney was a Mormon. They are responsible for Obama’s second term.

We need to accept the fact that not voting is in fact a vote for whoever wins. At least Romney was pro-life. So all those who didn’t vote actually voted in the one who believes in abortion at any stage of pregnancy is acceptable and who doesn’t respect American values or our Constitution. Let us not make that same mistake again. Whoever wins the Republican nomination deserves our vote because America will not survive another 4-8 years with more of the same.

Right now our challenge is to pray and discern God’s choice to lead the United States then vote in your state’s primary. But don’t forget all the down ballot offices (those offices and candidates listed under the presidential candidates). These are equally important. Pray and do the research then VOTE because the primary is where you have the most choices and greatest impact.

Dinner Table Discussion: Discuss each of the candidates for president, at least the top three, and make a list of their strengths and weaknesses. Let your kids lead the way – they are probably more aware than you think. Then as a family pray for God to show you who to support.