Fathers and Mothers – What Can We Do?

The most important title we carry is “father” or “mother”. Genesis 1 demonstrates God’s design for the family. His design is that parents bear the sole responsibility for rearing and educating their children. Some of us have biological children, some adopted children and some spiritual children. All of these come with the responsibility to love, protect and disciple.

Of course, the ultimate outcome is that our children come to know the saving power of Jesus Christ and submit to Him as the Lord of their lives. But as we all know, just knowing Jesus doesn’t guarantee that we are able to self-govern ourselves. That must be taught and modeled by the parents who then are responsible for holding the children accountable for their behavior.

Children may be in someone else’s care during the day if both parents work. When they are school age they spend at least eight hours a day being discipled by an education system that is secular but not unbiased. As we have learned, education is inherently religious and will either possess a faith based ideology or a secular humanist ideology (the Supreme Court has declared secular humanism a religion).

In our state run (public) schools today there are two ideologies that get the most attention – humanism and Islam – all other religions are relegated to just a nod. Values, morals and character are not taught as they used to be fifty plus years ago because these are seen as biblical/traditional. Values, today, are whatever you want them to be as everything is now relative including your gender. Truth and facts are nothing but horrid things that must be dismissed.

Yes, it is true that some schools have embraced Bible Clubs and understand that the Supreme Court gave “permission” for these types of clubs to exist on school campuses. Yet, there are many school districts that ignore this “fact” and continue to deny students their first amendment rights.

For the above reasons, as parents, we must be diligent to find ways to teach truth to our children instilling in them an appreciation of our individual rights and liberty. There are many good resources that can be used to undo what is taught at school five days a week. There are also organizations that specialize in teaching biblical worldview and creation science.

Christian schools and Homeschooling are viable alternatives but even their curriculum must be watched as secular thinking has been showing up in both Christian school and Homeschool curriculum. There are also issues of the flesh that are present even in the most Christian environment. We are all human after all.

The majority of Christian parents cannot afford private school or are able to quit their job and homeschool. This is one of those issues that each family must work out for themselves. If the neighborhood school is all you have, then scheduling activities, games and outside curriculum that teach truth and reinforce a biblical view of the world is the way to combat the post-modern worldview taught at school and in everything “media” related.

Keep in mind that it is the system not the teachers that have been co-opted by progressivism. The majority of teachers are well-meaning, hardworking and care about their students. Most have grown up in the educational system getting their education degrees from a school of education within the university of their choice. For those who have no church or religious upbringing, it is possible for them to go all the way through school having only heard one ideology.

Until the truth is revealed to teachers (only God can open their eyes to the system), they will continue to propagate a system that is designed to destroy liberty in the short term in order to institute a fully socialized system. We are to respect teachers and appreciate their hard work because teaching is not easy in today’s environment. It is very frustrating for them when they sincerely want to help students within a one size fits all system designed more for failure than success.

Christian teachers working in our state run schools need our prayers and encouragement. Parents, if you feel stuck within this system, do not feel guilty. Purpose in your heart to do all you can to teach, train and disciple your children when they are at home. Pouring biblical principles into their hearts will pay off. Just take the time consistently to do it. G2g has as our foundational book, What Were They Thinking? On Truth, Liberty & Legacy that is appropriate for 8th grade on up and makes a good family study.

Dinner Table Discussion: Discuss what is being taught in your child’s classroom and find scriptures in the Bible that relate to those ideas. Ask them what the Fourth of July celebrates and read the Declaration of Independence.