God, Education etc. Part 5

Disclaimer: this week’s blog is not intended to discourage but to show how we have progressed to this place in our current history so that we can repent and seek God’s strategy for healing the nation.

The Progressive strategy was to change America from the inside out. So what was the best way to achieve their goals? If you guessed through the schools and media, you guessed right. If the thinking of each new generation could be changed along with their values they would be able to make America in the image of Marx.

So how do you change a society’s values? You must separate the children from their parents at the youngest possible age and cause people to question the truth of the Bible. The theory of evolution has caused many to question just how true the Bible really is. So creating a generation gap and discrediting the belief that the Bible is absolutely true were the most important aspects of changing American Traditional Values.

The other two important elements to complete the transformation of America was the destruction of the nuclear family and morality. What had previously been taboo for society has become normal and accepted. This has occurred incrementally through the advent of television which brought questionable material into the home in the guise of entertainment.

Some examples of the things that entered our homes are unacceptable and vulgar language, gradual sexual content (married couples in twin beds to married couples in full bed together, unmarried couples in bed, same sex couples in bed etc.), fashion that has become increasingly sexual for young girls, and gratuitous language and violence. Story lines that promote lying, cheating, drug use, teen sex, portraying homosexual activity as normal so on and so forth. You get the picture.

Television, movies, music videos, and music provided the vehicle through which our Judeo-Christian values have been chipped away. As a Christian society we forgot the admonition to guard our hearts found in scripture (Prov. 4:23, “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.”). As parents we would never invite a person or persons into our home that we knew would introduce immorality to our children.

The church, instead of taking a firm stand for morality and truth, tended to withdraw inside the four walls. There were just a few who spoke out and they were ridiculed. But as with the LGBT movement advancing same-sex marriage and gender neutral bathrooms the churches have been mostly quiet. This left a void that only served to propel the downward spiral of American culture. We are to be the watchman on the wall for the nation sounding the alarm warning of pending disaster. But instead we are divided, silent and compromised.

Besides being divided the church has submitted to unconstitutional laws passed to silence churches and other Christian groups that would stand up for righteousness. Instead of taking their case to the courts challenging the nonprofit statutes as a violation of First Amendment rights, the church cowered in fear of losing their tax exempt status.

Progressives found a way to provide funding for all their single-focus organizations formed to advance the progressive agenda on the American people through the courts. Always utilizing the myth/lie of the separation of church and state. Since the 1950’s civics has been taught in the most flexible way regarding the principles in the Constitution. Timeless principles that have worked for two centuries have been upended as a result of this false teaching.

If you are feeling overwhelmed and depressed right now – so am I. But until we understand what is going on and how this agenda has prospered we can’t begin to come up with the solutions necessary to turn the nation around. The good news is I am convinced that God is not finished with America yet. His desire is to see us become the nation He intended it to be – a shining beacon of liberty for all the world to see.

Dinner Table Discussion Questions: Now that the truth is being exposed how should we, as a family, respond to this knowledge? As Christians what are ways that we can protect the next generation (our children and grandchildren) from the pitfalls of government education?