God Loves America – Do We?

We live in the greatest nation the world has ever seen but today we are realizing that we have allowed what once was to drift away subtly into the sunset without so much as a whimper. However, it is not too late but we must be astute in listening to the political rhetoric – even from the non-politicians running for office. In 2008 many jumped on the bandwagon for “hope and change” because they were weary of the Iraq war and weary of the Bush bashing.

No one was asking the specifics of the change. No one was asking how he planned to unify Americans. No one was asking his view of the Constitution, religious liberty, and the Bill of Rights. It was so historic and sounded so good because people wanted change. But they wanted change for the better but failed to ask the key questions because of the historic nature of the election.

This election cycle we have similar rhetoric only it is about making America great again which is good but how will it be done. Specifics are important. Issues are important and above all belief, knowledge and respect for the Constitution is most important. Much of the rhetoric cannot be done unilaterally and be within the boundaries of the Constitution. We have had eight years of that kind of abuse. Do we really want to repeat that same mistake?

Yes, it is refreshing to hear candidates talk about returning greatness to America and creating jobs but the details on issues matter. They tell us how someone will govern. Go to the websites of the candidates to view their issue position plans. If they don’t have specific plans then be wary. Look at their previous positions and actions before jumping on anyone’s bandwagon. Remember the primary election is the place where we vote our consciences and our biblical values. Hopefully, if enough Christians vote this way we will end up with the right candidate.

Voting has started and within the next thirty days we will have a good idea of who the nominees will be for both parties. Now it is time to really pray for revival in the church and a transformational awakening for the nation. 2016 is the year for “Awakening” that will last for a number of years. This is the best way to recapture all that is great about America – mainly personal liberty which leads to greater opportunity for all.

Will you commit to pray for national revival and transformation as well as for the Supreme Court as it hears the Texas case on abortion? The first of March the SCOTUS will hear this pro-life case, the first one in over a decade, and they need to get it right. There are many groups praying daily for SCOTUS that they would repent for their stand on abortion and that the ruling will be in favor of the Texas law. If we will humble ourselves, repent and turn God will hear and heal our land!

Dinner Table Discussion Question: After looking at the websites of the candidates for president discuss which one had the most detailed plans and how they lined up with biblical principles.