How Did We Get to Be a Nation in Decline? Part 1

The United States of America is on the verge of becoming a Socialist/Marxist nation. Capitalism, free markets, and individual freedoms are being dismantled and half the people of America are embracing the welfare state/socialism of the European Union (EU). At the same time, the EU economy is failing and they are now moving back towards a free-market, less taxes mentality. With each election more conservative leaders are elected. But it is hard to turn the tide of socialism and their efforts may or may not succeed. That should send us a strong warning against going further down that road.

In order to understand how we have arrived at this crossroad between capitalism and socialism, a brief explanation of Western Civilization is needed. Western civilization was the result of the growth/spread of Christianity which resulted in bringing about reformation in how governments were run and how law was applied. It brought order into what had been countries or regions dominated by feudal lords vying to rule over the others which instigated many gruesome wars. From the Protestant Reformation came the official formation of the countries we now know as the European Union.

Out of the same reformation came great philosophers, economists and legal thinkers who wrote important works read by most of our Founding Fathers. British Common Law came from the writings of these men. Great advances in technology, education, industry, medicine, and literature all came out of the countries of the West. In fact, these new innovations and inventions started during the period commonly referred to as the “Dark” or Middle Ages. As Christianity spread throughout the Roman Empire then into Europe governments and culture began to transition out of a two class system. Where once there were only the wealthy ruling class and the slave/serf class there began to develop a merchant class due to the rise of capitalism. Free enterprise and capitalism offer every person the opportunity to rise from serfdom to merchant class and then land owner status.

It is important to remember that capitalism came out of the Protestant Reformation. Every country that applied its principles created wealth. These principles, found in the Bible, were true then and they are true today. The nations that embrace free markets build more wealth than those who do not. All we have to do is look at the nations of the world to see which ones are developed and have wealth and which ones are poor and undeveloped. A little research will verify the roots of the poverty to be lack of personal freedom, education and a free market due to a culture of false religions that has resulted in constant civil disorder and changing dictators.

So why is Western Civilization not taught in our universities anymore? Why is there such infatuation with third world nations, their cultures and their dictators? The answer lies in a term we are all familiar with: “political correctness” (PC). Marxists first used this term about 80 years ago to disguise the worldview of cultural Marxism. They knew if they called it by what it really is; they would not be able to move their agenda forward. Everything PC (including tolerance, diversity, multiculturalism and feminism) is all about destroying the American family and replacing the role of the father with the role of the state.

Next Week: Nation in Decline Part 2

Dinner Table Discussion Question: Since the roots of capitalism and free enterprise are found in the Bible and provide the greatest opportunity for individuals to move out of poverty, why has it become such a dirty word?