In the Beginning God….The Story of Life

In the beginning “God” created out of His own creative imagination the universe, the earth, the waters/seas, the plants, trees and animals. Then in His highest and greatest creation He created man and then woman. Just as the birth of a baby is a magnificent miracle so was God’s creation of earth and all life.

The multitude of infinite detail that went into man and woman and therefore into each one of us is beyond our imagination or full comprehension. Our DNA is unique to each one of us from the time of conception until we die. It never changes which is why we can say with utter confidence that life begins at conception.

In addition science has now confirmed that our DNA’s history is passed on to each generation. Scientists have identified a small portion of our DNA that doesn’t actively serve a purpose. In studying this different DNA it was discovered that it is like a history file of all our ancestors all the way back to the beginning! How amazing is that? God is so wondrous and awesome.

This file contains the good, the bad and the ugly of all our previous generations. The sin, the rebellion, the unforgiveness and hurt, the immorality, adultery, murder, the redemption, the salvation, spirituality, love, illnesses and diseases. These all translate into blessings and curses for each generation. All Satan has to do is trip us up and get us to partake of one of these past sins and it opens us up to inherit generational diseases and curses which can then be passed on to our children.

Obviously, the majority of this family DNA history is unknown to us making it easy for us to fall into the traps set for us. The good news is that by the power in the blood of Jesus we can break those generational curses and stop them from being passed on to our offspring. Our personal and ancestral history is important.

In the same way the history of the world and our nation is important. It is often said that history is actually His Story and I believe that is true. God’s story is embedded in the history of every people group and nation. When we understand this then we can better appreciate why we need to know our history. When we know the truth regarding the beginnings and foundation of America we cannot be caught off guard believing the lies that those who oppose liberty throw at us daily. In fact there has been active opposition to liberty since 1800.

The founders knew that the battle to maintain liberty would be an ongoing battle. That is why they set up the checks and balances and promoted religion in all the states. When citizens maintain morality and value self-restraint, hard work and worship then they would be up to the task of maintaining liberty. Moral and religious people require little supervision and outward restraints (laws).

As society lost these values they became more dependent on government to solve their problems. Then, to illustrate, they discovered that they could vote for elected officials who would pass laws that they thought solved those problems and paid them money from the government treasury. Forgotten then are the values that created America and made us an exceptional nation. It was the values and Judeo-Christian worldview that made America a nation that supported life here and around the world until 1972. America was blessed because of our support of life, traditional values, equal opportunity and free markets.

Now it is up to us to embrace and stand up for these neglected values and promote respect for life at every stage. The culture of death that is rampant in the nation must be stopped and cut off. Our lives are valuable, precious and precarious. By respecting each other and speaking truth in love we can have a greater impact than we think. All it takes is for you and I to fear God more than man and we will be fearless in our stand for righteousness.

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Dinner Table Discussion Question: What one thing can I do to promote the respect for life?