It is Primary Season – Pay Attention!

In case you haven’t noticed we are in a presidential primary season. That is all that the talking heads seem to talk about, if you listen to news channels and talk radio. It seems that there are more people engaged in this primary than in previous primaries. That is a very good thing.

Of the total number of voters who vote in the presidential general election held in November only half of those vote in the primary. Why is it that voters do not participate in the primary process? The number one reason is that they do not see it as important. The number of candidates causes many to feel confused and overwhelmed – too many choices is the second reason. In other words voting in a primary election requires more work in finding the candidate you can support.

By waiting until the November general election, voters are stuck with the winners of the primaries neither of which you may not be able to enthusiastically support. This is what happened in the last election and as a result over 17 million evangelicals didn’t vote. It is the primary election when we can find the candidate that best represents our core values and supports the Constitution. We get behind that candidate and vote for them in the primary. I always say that I vote my conscience in the primary and if my candidate doesn’t end up the nominee then I support the nominee. It may not be with great enthusiasm but I vote anyway.

Last election, we knew the current president was not going to build America up because of his track record but because the other candidate was a Mormon millions didn’t vote. We all prayed for God’s man to be elected. Many believe that is what we got. God needed to get our attention and wake us from our slumber.

So now stay engaged and pay close attention to each interview with each candidate and look at their records. Ask God’s wisdom and direction on who to support. Last night I attended the first ever Presidential Forum to be held at a church. All the candidates from both political parties were invited. Six Republican candidates attended. We were there for over four hours but it didn’t seem like it and it was worth the time and effort.

Each candidate had a ten minute time to share who they were and their faith journey then they sat down with Pastor Jack Graham for a twenty minute or so interview. We see these candidates on TV but to see them in person and watch their facial expressions and body language was so much better. At the end, you could tell which ones were truly comfortable with their faith and lived it daily. They had time to fully explain some of their political philosophy which revealed how they would make decisions. You could see their personalities coming through.

Let me encourage you to make the effort to see the candidates in person if they come to your area. It is worth it. But more than anything else do not tune out during this season but intentionally tune in and pay close attention to what is being said. Then check out the records of those with records to see which ones have actually stood up for liberty and done what they said they would do.

Primaries in all races are vitally important. If we will take the time and effort to go to candidate forums held for county, state and federal offices we will be better informed to elect good common sense candidates to office who will truly represent us and not the establishment.

Other Helpful Resources for candidate investigation: Voter Guides are a tremendous resource to help see where candidates stand on important issues.

Dinner Table Discussion Questions: Have you voted in a primary election? If so, what was the process for vetting the candidates?
If not, will you make a commitment to get engaged in this election cycle and vote in your state’s primary election?