Stand Together and Never Give UP

Why do second generation Americans commit terrorism against a nation that has been so good to them? This is probably one of the most asked questions given recent events in San Bernardino and Orlando. In my opinion it is a two prong problem. First, the parents never fully assimilate and embrace being American by renouncing allegiance to the old country. Second, our schools are teaching students to hate America and not take pride in being American. Patriotism is frowned upon.

One of the most important things we need to recognize is that the founding fathers, because they knew history and the Bible, created a governmental system based on God’s principles. Not only have these principles worked but they created the most free, productive, innovative and prosperous nation in the world drawing all people of the world to come here. Our children, natural born and naturalized alike, need to know this or they will not have a true appreciation of what has made America great. Neither will they have a national identity.

Textbooks have rewritten history and deleted references regarding the true idea of liberty and the founders thinking. Therefore, students never develop a true love of their country. Globalism has replaced patriotism. For children of immigrant parents from non-democratic countries – that know nothing of liberty of body and soul – the above two reasons are magnified, creating room for them to become radicalized.

We now have at least four generations who have never been taught the truth about the United States and the foundational truths upon which it was built. This has resulted in a confusion about national identity and lack of pride in country. This has got to change if we are to survive.

Are we so soft, spoiled and self-centered that we have convinced ourselves that our schools are working to fully educate the next generation? Why do we sit on the sidelines and let those who embrace “modern” experimental education run for school board? Once elected they become part of a team that just says “yes” to everything the superintendent wants. These School Boards do not foster free discussion and will punish those who question the status quo. Many have become bullies.

In my district, our school board went ten years without a single “no” vote being recorded! Unfortunately, that is the national norm because those who love liberty have shied away from running for office. Those who have and won have been bullied, threatened and slandered for daring to think principally and apply common sense. Just ask the most recent member to be elected to the Frisco ISD Board. He was elected May 7th and instead of being sworn in within three weeks it was put off until tonight. Had he been sworn in he could have spoken either pro or con on a proposed 10% increase in school taxes! The establishment did not want to give him an opportunity to disagree with what they had already decided to do. They have also put other obstacles in his pathway that will effectively shut him up.

This is why we need to fully prepare candidates for not just running for office but for holding office. That means they have to accept the reality of how they will be treated and learn how to compensate for this bias. Some personalities are just not well suited to do this because their natural bent is to please everyone.

The truth is that if we all work together in getting good school board candidates who will stand strong we can get them elected. Then we need to stand with them in all their battles. That means prayer support as well as showing up at board meetings to show your support.

If we will do these things we can affect change in our communities. However, this requires sacrifice of time and energy because change will not happen quickly. It can take several election cycles until the number of school board members who support traditional education and fiscal responsibility outnumber the “yes” men/women. It requires that we be patient and never quit because it will happen. Radical change doesn’t happen overnight. The progressive education movement have gained ground little by little – incrementally.

I have witnessed the mistakes of the pro-life movement over the years and the worst mistake that has been made is taking the “all or nothing” approach to change. This is a purest approach that rarely works. Those who have tackled change from an incremental mentality have made steady progress. Sometimes we have to realize slow but steady and never giving up pays huge dividends in the end. Think tortoise nor hare!

It seems that sometimes when we have been working for something so long and little seems to be changing that we pull back and give up. When in reality breakthrough was just around the corner. So don’t give up! Ever!

Let us, therefore, be like the little ant from “A Bug’s Life” and stand up to the bullies, stand up for righteousness and stand up for Liberty. When we all join together we win because in actuality there are more with us than against us!

Discussion Questions: Are you willing to make the sacrifices necessary to ensure your children and grandchildren are learning the truth regarding the history of the United States founding? What are some ways you can accomplish this challenge?