Thankful for our History and our Liberty Minded Founders

It is extremely important for us to know and understand history – American history, the history of Western Civilization, the church and the world. The old saying is that if we do not know and understand history then we are doomed to repeat it. This is true because there is nothing new under the sun. However, it doesn’t say we are bound to repeat the bad history only and this should encourage us and give us hope for the future.

So today let us rejoice in the Lord according to Psalm 118:24. Let us rejoice and be glad in this day! Let us rejoice in our American legacy for it is the godly heritage of the past that has been written into the foundations of America that gives hope for the future. For the Lord has given us a great gift in the deep Christian roots laid with the blood of the patriots as they fought for the right to form their own nation.

Alexander Hamilton wrote in The Farmer Refuted, “There is a certain enthusiasm in liberty, that makes human nature rise above itself, in acts of bravery and heroism.” And Thomas Paine wrote in The Crisis, no.4 “We fight not to enslave, but to set a country free, and to make room upon the earth for honest men to live in.” They had a very clear dedication to the cause of liberty which is the byproduct of faith in Jesus Christ who is the author of liberty and all truth.

We were created with the ability to choose the direction of our lives and that is true liberty. Remember the definition given last week of liberty: n., the opportunity to make a choice and to assume responsibility and accept the consequences. The Founders recognized the significance of providing liberty to a free people and the fact that this people would need to maintain virtue in order to keep it. Today we are witnessing the evidence of virtue lost and the resulting loss of liberty that comes with it.

In spite of the realities of this loss of American virtue we still have hope because the pendulum has swung so far to the left that citizens are once again crying out for a return to the foundations of our Constitution. This is a good sign that a great Awakening is beginning to happen and will continue to manifest until every community in America is embracing truth. So in spite of the realities of today’s headlines God is calling us to come up higher and gain His perspective. He is not finished with America!

This week let us rejoice in Him and thank Him for a strong military that fights to set countries free so that the honest men and women of those nations may live in peace. Remember and pray each day for those who are standing strong not just for freedom but for Liberty! Let us rejoice in the liberty that Christ has set us free and in our rejoicing we will experience renewed strength and power to impact those around us with hope.

Next Week: Thanksgiving Thoughts and a Prayer

Question for Discussion: Pray for our military and discuss what we need to stand strong for liberty in today’s societal standards.