Welcome to the New!

There is just something about a new year/season that inspires hope. It gives us a sense that the plate has been wiped clean and we are free to enter the new with hope and optimism. It is the perfect time to re-evaluate goals and listen for God’s direction and/or course correction. The new season that is upon us will offer many opportunities to overcome as well as opportunities to advance in Kingdom assignments. In each new season of our lives we are faced with both good circumstances and bad circumstances or challenges. This is the cycle of life in a fallen world.

However, those who trust in the Lord and pray for His perspective in these trying times, will be diligent to stand strong on the promise of God’s faithfulness to provide what we need. As pressure mounts and the days tick away, the enemy is feeling panic that his time is running out. As the remnant comes together refusing to let the enemy’s lies divide us, we will see great victories and advancement of God’s principles in the earth. But we must be as one in this endeavor.

The early colonists went through good seasons and bad seasons. When trials and tribulations came they were quick to seek God for the reason and when they had the answer they were just as quick to repent and ask for forgiveness. This pattern is repeated over and over in our early history. Once we became a nation, the presidents and governors of states would routinely call for days of fasting and prayer. They knew that their connection and obedience to God’s principles were the key to their success.

In the twentieth century that understanding and connection began to slip away and as it did, so did the principle of generational thinking. More and more families began to live for themselves without thought of what they were leaving to their children and grandchildren. Proverbs 13:22 says that “A good person leaves an inheritance for their children’s children, but a sinner’s wealth is stored up for the righteous.”

Leaving an inheritance is not just about finances but it covers our spirit, souls and bodies as well. Just think about what your family passed down to you. Modern parents today are more concerned with maintaining a friendship with their children than actually being a parent. Because of this attitude we see lots of immature whiners that feel entitled to everything. This is a cultural sign of our times. What legacy should we be leaving our children? As Christians we should want to leave a legacy of godly children who know the Word of God, walk in truth and integrity, know and accept responsibility for the future of their families and the future of the nation. This last part means that we need to be willing to teach our children a love of country and knowledge of the Declaration and Constitution because they will not get this in school.

Exhibiting a life style that exalts truth, personal responsibility, hard work, good citizenship, compassion and love will set the example for our children and grandchildren. But we cannot be lazy and expect that they will somehow get these things on their own. Just as each individual has to receive salvation for himself so too each one must purposely make a decision to be a responsible citizen. A citizen that respects the Constitution and our laws, loves and understands liberty and how to maintain it for future generations.

As we begin the year, 2016, let us remember the example of the early colonists and the foundation they laid for America (if you don’t know our history then get my book, What Were They Thinking?). Let them inspire us to step up to the challenge and push back against the enemies of liberty. God is in charge and He has not given up on America and neither should we. Make the decision to do all you can to promote and fight for liberty and generational thinking this year. Be not discourage but remember with God all things are possible!

Dinner Table Discussion Questions: What can we do as a family to fully understand what liberty is and how to maintain it? What can we do to fight the loss of liberty that is currently taking place?