What To Do When Crazy Abounds

We just saw Dinesh D’souza’s movie “Hilary’s America” and I highly recommend it especially if you are considering not voting in the Presidential election. For those who have seen the movie and are questioning the truthfulness of all the facts presented I highly recommend reading Setting the Record Straight: American History in Black and White by David Barton. Both the book and the movie give the unbiased history of the American Black experience and the Democrat Party.

If, after seeing the movie and reading the book, you still question how accurate they are then I encourage you to pray and sincerely ask the Lord to show you what you need to know. This election cycle is going to test us all. The media has declared war on Donald Trump convinced he is unqualified while never questioning Barrack Obama’s qualifications when he ran for president. At lease Trump has a record of success that Obama never had. All I’m saying is that when the progressive media is against you and trying to destroy you then there is something they are afraid of – which is losing power and influence.

In their eyes We the People are only good for one thing and that is to vote like we are told to and be good obedient servants of the state. When that is threatened then chaos ensues. This is where we are right now. My recommendation is that we all get in God’s word more, enter into praise and worship and pray like never before. In doing so we will build up our spirit man to withstand the chaos and walk in personal victory and peace. We need God’s perspective not man’s perspective.

the truth is that we will be held accountable for how we vote. Not voting is not an option because when we don’t vote we are essentially voting for the most corrupt candidate. The church is the one charged with being the conscience of the nation and yet the church has been silent while the nation has rejected the truth for a lie. The truth is we should all be thankful to be born in the United States and count it a privilege to vote in every election. Citizenship comes with benefits and responsibilities and we should be joyful in embracing it all.

Those who have the spirit of God living in them are blessed with wisdom, knowledge and understanding. We have a direct line to the Creator of the Universe who has the solutions to the pressing problems we face as a nation. We just need to be willing to work together to be the solution to problems and not part of the problem. The world needs to see a unified church full of love and power. When we unify everyone wins!

If you haven’t seen the movie please take the time to go see it. It is well done, entertaining, educational and powerful. You will not be sorry.