Which is it? Team Street, Team Stage or Team Dance?

Well, now that “So You Think You Can Dance” is over for this season and one never knows if it will be picked up for another season, I am suffering from dance withdrawal. Oh to be young again.

In wrapping up this little rant on unifying Americans especially Christian Americans it is appropriate to quote Nigel Lithgow the producer of “So You Think You Can Dance” when he said on the last night of the show, “Team Street and Team Stage came together in Team Dance”!

In other words what started out as two very diverse groups of people ended up merged into one unit of just dancers. I love that quote! Isn’t that what we truly want for this nation is for all the divergent groups in this nation to merge together as “Americans” all seeking the same opportunities at achieving the American dream? I know that is my goal for us.

The last fifty years has been used by the progressives among us to find ways to divide us into special interest groups that can be bought with government goodies. Unfortunately, they have succeeded in their efforts. The result is a nation that walks on egg shells afraid of offending anyone who thinks differently from us. This has even invaded the church causing pastors and leaders to think twice about speaking the Word of God in truth for fear of angering segments of their congregations. Shouldn’t they fear God more than man?

The fear of God has been lost as we have become separated by our culture where the fear of man rules and reigns. It is my prayer that we, in the church, would not settle for the world’s ways but seek the higher path which embraces God’s ways and His ways alone. May we truly merge together and become one as Jesus prayed in John 17.

When this happens we will become truly Americans with no hyphenations! Seeking a restoration of the common values that have always united us. Let Team Street and Team Stage be our inspiration to become as one – a united team dancing to heavenly music filling all around us with love and acceptance.

Dinner Table Discussion Question: What can I do to promote unity in my church and community? What can we do as a family? In what area do I fear man more than God?

Next Week: In the Beginning God…