Will You Dance With Me?

You and I are creative whether realize it or not. We all can create things because the creator lives in us. Therefore, if we are willing to go through the process without giving up on each other we can come together and create something beautiful and lasting. Below is the image of that process that was revealed to me through “So You Think You Can Dance”.

Dances require a choreographer to create the piece (God), they require dancers (Christians) willing to train then learn the steps, and rehearse together over and over to achieve unity of movement. I believe this is the dance God wants to choreograph for us to learn, rehearse, and perform in the unity of the faith.

How do we learn to dance? The same way we learn everything else – by listening to instructions, watching and imitating the steps. Imitation is how we learn everything so if we find those who are experts and imitate them we are on the right track to innovate and make it ours. Just as you learn anything new, mistakes will be made and some will fall down but we get up and start again determined to perfect that dance step. Then you repeat the steps until it becomes second nature. Putting the steps together with heavenly music creates the oneness that is necessary to impact the community around us.

The key for us is to seek the One who creates the strategy or choreography and follow it wholeheartedly. We must set aside whether we personally like the strategy or steps and trust the one who knows best what will bring unity and agreement. It requires that we all lay down our own individual dance to come together as one in a group dance. A group dance where we all support each other and work towards the same ultimate goal.

We are in a place in time when we have no choice except to work together. Those who do will achieve God’s goals that will begin to turn America back to the values that have held our society together and made us strong. Not just economically and militarily but gave us a strong influence around the world because of our goodness and belief in righteousness.

Those who choose to go their own way with their own agendas will end up conformed to progressive ideas not as a belief system but by simply throwing in the towel afraid to stand up and fight. This happens as we haphazardly accept little by little a culture of death and degradation as normal.

Fifty years ago when this battle first heated up we were lax in what we began to allow, thinking the issues, at that time, to be inconsequential. However, the total breakdown of our social mores and values have turned out to be catastrophic today. Unfortunately, it is true that what we allow today will be normal tomorrow. Can any of us afford to not stand up and speak out to save future generations of Americans who will inherit the whirlwind we have created by our inaction?

When we lay down our own agenda and ego then and only then can God use us to build something beautiful for His glory instead of ours. That is what makes a beautiful dance that causes the audience to react to the sincerity of the movement. This is what touches the soul and changes hearts and attitudes. Are you willing to dance with me?

Dinner Table Discussion Question: What are we subtly accepting culturally that God says is sin? How can we as a family take a stand against unrighteousness?