Do Words Mean What We Think?

Looking back at the last sixty years we can see how the progressives have infiltrated education and media transforming these institutions in their own image. Pushing for policies that have first of all broken down the family and secondly destroyed the moral fabric of the nation. They have done all this through changing the way children are taught (method) and through what they are taught (planned ignorance).

They have used the courts to remove truth from the classrooms of America by removing the Bible, prayer and allowing the teaching of evolution (which undermines and questions biblical truth). As each generation have graduated from college since 1960 these graduates have taken the ideologies they learned in college and used them in their careers. Eventually many of them have risen to top leadership roles where they could influence corporate values to reflect progressive ideology.

That explains how business, entertainment, sports, and even churches have been influenced by the post-modern culture. It will take us some time to turn this around because we first have to recognize how we have adopted the dialectic language the progressives have used to transition our culture away from Liberty and towards socialism/tyranny. Then we have to take control of educating the next generation in truth with a pure understanding of the foundational principles upon which America was built. When we think with a true liberty mindset we see things differently than those who are in bondage to government.

Words and definitions have been changed over the years in order to move us toward tyranny. If you look up a word from Webster’s 1828 Dictionary and then look it up in a 1970’s Dictionary and then on the online Dictionary of today, you will notice how these definitions have changed. Words and definitions matter, especially when the words are used by political candidates, elected officials and educators.

Just think of the words that have been destroyed with new definitions. Words like “gay” that was defined as being joyful and happy which now is only used to describe an immoral lifestyle. Then there is “discrimination or discriminate” which today is looked upon in a negative way. When actually it used to be a compliment to be called a person with discriminating tastes. The Word of God tells us to discriminate or discern between good and evil. And when you think about it we all discriminate when we make the most basic of decisions each day.

Christian business owners understand that refusing to do business with a particular group is not good business and is discrimination. However, they also discern the difference between service and participation. It is this difference that causes Christian bakers to decline to bake wedding cakes for same-sex marriages but will bake birthday cakes for the same clients. The difference is conscience which is guaranteed in the Constitution. It is not government’s legitimate right to force participation in something that violates a person’s conscience.

George Orwell wrote that “It is a beautiful thing, the destruction of words.” The progressive thinkers have destroyed words and have been able to accomplish more in a relative short time to advance the socialist/Marxist agenda. Of course, having multi-billionaires like George Soros funding their message and the main stream media propagating the message helps too.

It is not just words but basic concepts that have been changed and downgraded. The concept of “all men are created equal” has come to mean equal in every way including outcomes. When in reality God creates men equal in terms of being created in His image so that no person or race is greater than the next. The American founders recognized this when they included this phrase in the Declaration of Independence. They also recognized that equal opportunity and hard work is what makes the difference in outcomes.

As we become more aware of the use of words and definitions in promoting evil as good and to define good as evil we will be able to discern those who are liberty minded and those who are not. This week pay close attention to the use of words and their intended definitions and how they serve to move America away from liberty towards tyranny. This new awareness will pave the way toward restoring American values and foundational truths.

God is not finished with us and He is not finished with America. We will accomplish His plans and purposes!

Dinner Table Discussion: What are other words whose meanings have been changed to promote a progressive agenda?