10,000 Steps, a Round Ball, and Life; A Common Thread

Guest blogger for the next two weeks is Stan Sewell,  Edited by Fredrick Cole

Where are we going?

For many years I have enjoyed walking in my neighborhood and have found good health results doing so. Nowadays, health advocates contend cardio fitness and weight loss is aided by walking 10,000 steps daily. I never counted steps before, but my smart phone does have a step counter. So now I find myself walking with the goal of walking 10,000 steps.

Often when I am out I will find a ball in the street: a tennis ball, a child’s baseball, sometimes a golf ball, etc. Out of some innate boyhood memory, I kick the ball down the street.

Yesterday I found a faded and cracked hard rubber ball lying in my path. Naturally I started kicking it down the street. As I watched it roll, I noticed that the path it took reminded me of our path in life.

Often we are sitting still, waiting for direction, waiting for a push, a kick, or perhaps a heavenly shove in order to start moving. There might be various obstacles in the way that will alter the path. These obstacles could be grooves in the pavement, small rocks, other debris. The path might be uphill or downhill — and not always level. And at some point in the journey, the energy will taper off and the ball will stop. So, another push is needed to get the ball rolling again.

That day as the rubber ball rolled down the street, it veered off and ran into a storm drain. That day’s adventure stopped completely.

Like that ball, we are subject to forces larger than ourselves. Maybe we can see an end goal, but encounter the same obstacles along the way as the ball did. Unlike the rubber ball, it is up to us to learn how to overcome these obstacles and keep on the path to reach the goal.

There is a scripture I like that helps to understand this concept. It is: Matthew 7:13-14. “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction.” Or another way of saying it: When you are motivated to start your journey, the road is wide — and filled with obstacles. Be diligent to narrow your path in order to avoid setbacks, sidetracks, and hazards–to focus on reaching your goal.

I look forward to my next morning 10,000 step walk to learn other truths.