2017 Year in Review and 2018 Goals

Dear Partners, friends, and subscribers,

2017 was a blur, it went by so fast. However, it was a successful year for G2g’s Honor Project. As most know, the Texas legislature meets in the odd number, non-election years. The 2017 session was fraught with rancor which served to expose those who needed to be exposed. The Honor Project increased the number of Representatives from eight in 2015 to nineteen in 2017. That was quite an increase and it proved to be a challenge keeping up with all their staffs as well as the Representatives.

Overall, the 2017 session and special session were successful for the Honor Project. As with any new concept, each cycle reveals how to be more effective in the next session. With the transition to the next level of ministry both in the Honor Project and in G2g’s other educational projects, the demand for more organization and finances increases. In looking at where we need to go as a nation, time is short and there is much to be done to effectively turn this ship around. Therefore, it is time for “all hands-on deck”!

Our passion alone for this great country is not enough to impact, influence and transform government. Prayer is our foundation, but financial backing is what will drive us toward our goals. Therefore, we are asking each of you to put faith to your prayers and consider financially supporting G2g with a monthly contribution. The goal will be to increase faithful monthly partners and apply for available grants. This will be a more dependable income stream than just book sales which are inconsistent at best (especially during Texas’ legislative years when my focus is in Austin and not marketing for speaking engagements, seminars, conferences etc.).  For details see the following pages.

If you know of a family foundation that would support the mission of G2g let us know. Please use the attached pages to introduce this ministry to those you know are like-minded and would want to engage and support the mission. In November we connected with the Heartland Apostolic Prayer Network for prayer covering. The warfare surrounding all those working to transform government, education, society, and the church is intense, so we are grateful for this new alignment. The Lord is leading in this endeavor and we are following where He leads. Right now, I think He is up to something big that will take G2g to a new level. Therefore, we are preparing and positioning ourselves for whatever the new might be.

Our heart is to do His will even if we don’t see clearly the destination or outcome. Obedience is key. Will you join with us this year and commit to support our work with your prayers and your finances? Monthly donations of any amount add up when many hands contribute.

Always seeking truth,

Carol Sewell                       Debbie Erickson                Sylvia G. Acuff                  Brian Ballard

Executive Director            Board Member                   Board Member                   Board Member


2017 Accomplishments

  1. The Honor Project
  • Increased participation from 8 Representatives to 19 Representatives plus staff
  • Increased presence and influence at the Texas Capitol
  • Comments by Reps regarding the Honor Project: “Thank you for your ministry.” “Your prayers saved my life!” “Don’t ever think you don’t make a difference because you do.” “I really enjoy and look forward to your “Thought for the Week”!” And here is a quote recently received from Rep. Pat Fallon now running for State Senate: “The Honor Project and Carol Sewell are, to me, intertwined. The support that we received from her organization was invaluable – especially when you’re in Austin for 140 days. Knowing that patriotic Texans are there to support us and more importantly pray for us is truly priceless.”


  1. Books Published
  • New Title: My Kids Belong to Who? – Education from the Garden to Post-Modernism
  • Audio Book recorded: What Were They Thinking? On Truth, Liberty & Legacy


  1. Public Appearances
  • Joan Hunter Ministries: Spring Meeting
  • Television in Georgia and Florida
  • Radio Show in Dallas
  • Guest presenter for the International Outreach Ministry Network’s weekly webinar


  1. Conferences
  • USCAL annual meeting in Atlanta
  • The Fellowship South Central Regional Conference
  • The Statesmen Annual Meeting
  • Women on the Frontlines
  • ICAL Annual Meeting


2018 Goals and Objectives

  1. The Honor Project
  • Write Gatekeeper 102 as a companion to Gatekeeper 101
  • Develop a marketing plan and package to take the Honor Project nationwide
  • Visit Representatives in their districts


  1. Proposed Writing Projects
  • What’s Going on with Our Election Process?
  • Series of booklets for Spanish speakers seeking citizenship that promotes love of country and the founding principles. This will be printed in both English and Spanish.
  • Benefits of Generational Thinking


  1. Develop a Training Program for citizens thinking of running for office to promote core values and principles that will result in strong, trustworthy, and effective public officials.


  1. Recruit interns to assist with social media, research and marketing and create generational continuity.


  1. Increase speaking engagements and media appearances.


  1. We have already found and retained a grant writer to search for additional funding to enable G2g to attain a more visible presence, impactful message, and greater influence. Please pray for favor in this endeavor.


G2g.Org Mission Statement

The mission of G2g is to restore passion for America, good government and securing a sustainable legacy for future generations to come.  By empowering citizens to teach and train their children & their children’s children, G2g will bring lasting change to the culture and nation!  G2g.Org’s goal is to bring unity to families, generations, races and denominations built on the foundational principles as expressed in the Declaration of Independence and formed in the Constitution that will then strengthen the future of America not only for this generation but all future American generations.
Because you can’t impart what you don’t possess G2gOrg educates American parents and citizens through its books, blog, training material and public speaking:

  • about the Christian Heritage of America,
  • Biblical worldview,
  • the founding documents,
  • the Ten Commandments,
  • how our system of government works and
  • why parents are the chief educators of their children and
  • how people of faith can and should make a difference in the electoral process.

Christian citizens will then be equipped to have an impact in their local communities and impart these truths to the next generation.

In addition, G2gOrg’s HONOR PROJECT carries these truths to the seat of state government by training Christian staffers in these principles and imparting the understanding of their duty to be true gate keepers for the Christian legislators for whom they work.  The end result of this training will be staffers who can articulate the proper role of government and discern when legislation does not fall into the limited role of government where laws respect citizens, protect family, church, free enterprise and respect God.  They will also be positioned to discern when other staff, legislators and lobbyists attempt to use them to turn their representative away from his/her core values.

The HONOR PROJECT will be a tool for accountability for each Christian elected State Representative or State Senator.   We will always point them back to God for the answers they need to the difficult and complex issues facing them daily.  This project is all about each representative and their relationship with God.  If they stay close to Him and on target with Him then they will stand strong for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


G2g.Org is a 501 (c)3 nonprofit ministry. To donate click on this link https://g2g.org/donate checking the box to create a recurring monthly donation.