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This book is for those who want to better understand Biblical worldview, the beliefs of America’s founding fathers, our nation’s Christian heritage, the Constitution, America’s political system and how to secure America’s future for your children. Without knowledge we perish. It is the duty of each generation to pass on to the succeeding generations’ their faith, the Word of God and America’s rich Christian heritage. Click here to look in the book…

What Were They Thinking
by Carol Sewell
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This book is for anyone who wants to understand the nature of government, who has oversight and individual rights as the basis for our liberty. Government, Oversight and Individual Rights is easy to read and at the end of each chapter is a discussion question. This book is appropriate for individuals, families, and even small groups. Government, Oversight and Individual Rights
by Carol SewellBuy
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This sixteen week study was initially written to support Christian legislative staffers and the Representatives they serve. However, the principles laid out in each lesson apply to all who sincerely seek to make daily and life decisions from a consistent Biblical viewpoint. These principles are absolutely necessary in order to maintain liberty in our Republic and to bring correct thinking when writing public policy. Gatekeeper 101 a supplement of the Honor Project.
by Carol Sewell
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