Code Black Celebrates Life

I watched the debut of a new medical drama called Code Black as week or so ago. It takes place in a high volume trauma center in Los Angeles. Code Black is what they call when all hands are needed on deck in multiple patient life and death traumas. It was very chaotic and intense. In the midst of this, one of the residents ended up in an ambulance with an earlier patient, a 9 month pregnant woman who thought she had the flu but it turned out to be carbon monoxide poisoning. The Resident had to deliver the baby in the ambulance by C-Section with guidance from the doctors in the ER while the Code Black is going on. Whew! I’m exhausted just writing about it.

In the midst of all the life and death situations and chaos, the sound of the baby’s first cries brought a hush in the ER and then slowly smiles on every face! It was such a powerful statement for life. (Made me cry.)The men and women who are on the front lines rescuing citizens from fires, accidents and crime see death daily. They see the worst of everything life can bring but when a new life is born as a result of their efforts or in the midst of emergencies it brings them peace and joy!. It is a breath of fresh air that breathes renewed life to them in what they do. It is not an inconvenience for them. Life is precious and they know it.

I have seen this before in movies, other TV shows and on the news where new life is celebrated, bringing smiles and comfort to all involved. Most of all I picture God smiling and celebrating this new creation of His. In an industry that glorifies a woman’s right to murder her baby at any stage in the womb, I found this scene in the new show, Code Black, quite revealing.

What it reveals is that deep inside every human is the appreciation of new life, no matter how inconvenient. God, the author of life, planted His seed in the man to be implanted in the woman in order to bring forth offspring in His image. Somehow, most of us believe this or instinctively recognize this miracle. But many are not willing to admit it because of our out of control political correct environment.

As a result, try as they might to ignore this miracle of life in the womb, they cannot deny the truth in all honesty. Sadly, even though the above statement is true they will come up with all kinds of crazy ways to explain away the evil being perpetrated by Planned Parenthood. The good news is that more and more are finding it harder to deny the immorality and corruption of the abortion industry. The exception are the elected officials who rely on Planned Parenthood funds in order to be re-elected.

With each election cycle we gain more ground and science is confirming what the Bible clearly states that all life starts at conception. The truth is that we are the apple of His eye and I dare anyone to honestly deny it. For now we, those of us in the pro-life camp, need to call a code black (all hands on deck) to continue to move life (and fatherhood) front and center in a culture hungry for truth.

Dinner Table Discussion Question: What evidence do you see daily that promotes the truth that God created all life?