Discrimination and Religious Freedom Restoration Acts

The anti-Christian groups are telling us that we are the “haters” because we won’t lay aside our deeply held religious beliefs. They have many in the media, entertainment and government who use the “hate” label for anyone who disagrees with them. The reality is that the only real hate is coming from the LBGT community who want to punish Christians, if not destroy them, for holding on to what the Bible teaches. We need to ask ourselves if their anger has been caused by the attitude of the Church towards them. Hurting people hurt people and I suggest that maybe we (church) need to honestly examine ourselves to see if our approach has contributed to their hurt. Jesus demonstrated his love for us even when we were still in sin. He loved us to truth and we should follow his example with the LGBT community. Love never fails.

That being said I do not believe that we, as individuals, discriminate against anyone. But the media tries to convince us that discrimination against this group is rampant, thus creating a “crisis”. They even go so far as to twist the meaning of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) portraying it as legalizing discrimination of Gays and Lesbians. Are we really that stupid to believe that any state legislature in the nation would pass legislation to legalize discrimination? Apparently, when we think there is a crisis we are more willing to compromise our freedoms and liberty to solve the crisis.

The RFRA was passed to protect business owners who live their lives for God in every area of their lives including in their business practices. Their rights are the ones that need protection from prosecution and penalties imposed by these Nondiscrimination Ordinances and laws. They need to be able to defend themselves. Mind you, it is not about denial of service which is the essence of discrimination because that is not happening. It is about participation in a ceremony that goes against a person’s conscious. These are two very different issues.

In the case of Indiana, the legislature and governor couldn’t take the heat coming from the media, corporations and other organizations threatening an economic boycott of the state. So they compromised and ‘fixed’ the RFRA and instead of assisting business owners of faith they actually made it more difficult for them. As a result the government coercion of Christians grows stronger.

As even the Wall Street Journal points out in its defense of Indiana’s bill, ‘The paradox is that even as America has become more tolerant of gays, many activists and liberals have become ever-more intolerant of anyone who might hold more traditional, cultural or religious views.’ The Left is no longer satisfied with coexistence. They want us to bow our knee to the state. Family Research Council president Tony Perkins said: “The reality is, if there weren’t a hostility toward faith, there wouldn’t be a need for RFRAs. As Americans, we have a proud tradition of respecting each other’s differences. But, under the policies and influence of the Obama administration, religious intolerance, especially toward Christians, has grown significantly.”

When our elected officials don’t have the courage to stand for what is right and to clearly articulate the truth, the opposition grows stronger and bolder. The result is more attacks on Christian business owners. And it won’t stop there, no they want to control what churches can teach and pastors can preach. With every victory they grow bolder. It reminds me of the old horror movie, The Blob. Every time the Blob ate people it grew bigger and stronger. Well this is what we are seeing today on the issue of sexuality. The radicals in the LGBT movement have admitted that they want our children and they will let nothing stand in their way. What are we to do? Who will speak up and stand up for righteousness protecting our individual right’s from being violated by the minority?

Sure we need to get behind our elected officials and make it clear we expect them to stand boldly for truth and righteousness because that is what will benefit all people. If they do not hear from us then they will cave not just on this issue but on every issue of importance to maintaining liberty especially economic and religious freedom. This fight started back in the middle of the last century when Lyndon B. Johnson introduced legislation moving churches and other non-profit Christian ministries to have to operate under Government control through the 501(c) 3 status with limitations on political activity. LBJ wanted to silence the church. And it worked.

We cannot stay silent anymore. It is time to speak up, speak out and boldly take a stand. If we don’t we are no better than the German church that kept quiet while the government came for their neighbors. Today it is Christians, tomorrow it will be anyone daring to think for themselves.

Next Week: What to expect if the Supreme Courts Codifies Same-Sex Marriage.

Dinner Table Discussion Questions: In what ways can we get our elected representatives to understand the long-term consequences of government coercion of Christian business owners, teachers, ministers, military personnel etc.?