God, Education continued …Part 4

Working through the education system in the United States the Progressives have achieved much of their dream. They have been far more committed to changing the culture than most Americans have been in preserving American values. What better way to change things we hold dear than to create division between parents and children, racial groups and special interest/victim groups.

This has been the legacy of the radical ‘60’s. Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream was of a colorblind society; however, what happened is the opposite where everything is now defined by skin color and victim status.

The real enemy is Satan who has kept the church (you and me) divided first along sectarian or denominational lines and then along racial lines. If the church were truly united and thinking like Jesus (Biblically), we would not be in this crisis. Unity is our most powerful force. Jesus prayed in John 17 that we would be “as one” as He and the Father were one. That is even a higher call than being in unity. Satan knew this from the beginning and has done everything possible to keep Christians divided amongst themselves.

Therefore, today we are categorized as Asian-American, Hispanic-American, African-American, and so on depending on our ethnic heritage. This would be abhorrent to the founders of this nation. What happened to just being American? We have certainly been divided and what better way to conquer a nation without shedding blood.

Everywhere we turn, we can see the evidence of our being conquered by the years of indoctrination in our schools and universities. For example listed below are common textbook errors, fabrications, and indoctrination in Texas textbooks:
~ “Greenpeace is a mainstream organization.” (Then the textbook proceeded to give out the 1-800 number to school children.)
~ “Ronald Reagan’s policies helped the rich but hurt the poor.”
~ “Many children today no longer pledge their allegiance to a particular nation or country; they now pledge their allegiance to the planet that keeps us alive.”

It is most visible by all the calls for government to do something with every crisis. There is never a cry for personal responsibility. With every fabricated crisis, the government grabs more power.

In order to combat this anti-Christian, anti-American worldview; it must be called what it is – cultural Marxism. We need to take a stand and expose it for what it is and refuse to be cowed into being “PC” (politically correct).
Expose …
• Sensitivity training as a tool to destroy freedom of speech and religion,
• Tolerance as moral relativism and intolerance to those who do not conform to their dictates.
• Feminism as anti-family, anti-marriage, anti-father.
• Homosexuality as sin.

Then educate your friends and family to the consequences that cultural Marxism is having on our faith, our families, and freedoms.

A population that has been dumbed down and not taught to think critically about issues is easier to manipulate and dupe. A population that has been taught that feelings are all that count will react to facts and truth with hurt feelings. It is heard daily on college campuses where the students refuse to hear opposing viewpoints because it makes them uncomfortable. It hurts their feelings!

We need to reject anything that comes from the Department of Education because education decisions belong first to parents and then at the local level. The latest push from the federal government is Common Core Standards and Curriculum that they did not even take the time to beta test to see if it actually works. The reason is simple, it is not about education done right but about indoctrination and making sure future citizens fall in lock step with cultural Marxism.

As a result of their efforts we are seeing a bloodless revolution with half the American people willingly buying all the empty rhetoric while those who do think something is wrong sit back unwilling to fight to maintain the American dream of liberty and freedom. But God is not finished with us yet and there is a growing remnant of citizens who are waking up and getting informed in order to engage in this battle for the hearts and minds of America.

Dinner Table Discussion Questions: What can we do as a family to counteract the political correctness movement? As parents or grandparents what can we do to give our children/grandchildren a firm foundation of the true meaning of liberty?