God, Education continued…Part 3

Taken from What Were They Thinking, Chapter 12: How Did We Get to be a Nation in Decline? by Carol Sewell

In order to understand how we have arrived at this crossroad between capitalism and socialism, a brief explanation of Western Civilization is needed. Western civilization was the result of the growth/spread of Christianity which resulted in bringing about reformation in how governments were run and how law was applied. It brought order into what had been countries or regions dominated by feudal lords vying to rule over the others which instigated many gruesome wars. From the Protestant Reformation came the official formation of the countries we now know as the European Union.

Out of the same reformation came great philosophers and legal thinkers who wrote important works read by most of our Founding Fathers. British law came from the writings of these men. Great advances in technology, education, industry, medicine, and literature all came out of the countries of the West. Capitalism and free enterprise, which came out of the Protestant Reformation, created wealth in every country that applied its principles.

So why is Western Civilization not taught in our universities anymore? Why is there such infatuation with third world nations, their cultures and their dictators? The answer lies in a term we are all familiar with: “political correctness” (PC). Marxists first used this term about 80 years ago to disguise the worldview of cultural Marxism. They knew if they called it by what it really is; they would not be able to move their agenda forward. Everything PC (including tolerance, diversity, multiculturalism and feminism) is all about destroying the American family and replacing the role of the father with the role of the state.

Political Correctness creates victim groups that separate Americans from each other by pitting one group against another. It is used to tear down traditional values and morals that stem from Christianity, it also normalizes sexual perversion and creates chaos to justify more government controls in our lives.

In other words, political correctness is all about creating a powerful invasive government that robs us of our freedoms and liberty. PC’s ultimate goal is achieved through public education. The plan to undermine America’s moral/spiritual roots started in 1933 when to escape Hitler, a group of Marxist German intellectuals came to America at the invitation of John Dewey who was on staff at Columbia University.

Columbia University, with the help of Dewey’s friends in academia, placed these men in teaching positions specifically in the departments of education and journalism. They knew the means to instill their worldview into millions of Americans and the culture was through education and the media.

John Dewey, best known as the father of modern education in America, was an honorary president of the National Education Association (NEA) and co-author of the Humanist Manifesto I. Dewey, with the help of Edward R. Murrow spread these German Marxists around the nation. At the age of 26, Murrow became the Assistant Secretary of the Emergency Committee in Aid of Displaced German Scholars. He had also been the Assistant Director of the Institute of International Education, established through a grant from the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

Stephen Duggan, an advisor to the Soviet government on workers’ college issues, hired him. It is ironic that Edward R. Murrow destroyed U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy for investigating the infiltration of Communists into our government, education, media, and Hollywood. His destruction of McCarthy appears to have been a means of self-preservation of the anti-American agenda of Dewey, Murrow, and their friends. This has been a pattern of the left throughout history.

You could say we have these German Marxists to thank for the radical 1960’s counter-culture revolution. Many of these flag-burning, anti-American, pot-smoking, pagan spiritualists of the 1960’s are now college and university presidents, professors, and textbook authors. And we wonder why our history has been distorted with untruths and has been re-written. The result is evident in the strong foothold of Cultural Marxism in American culture today.

All these things have been done incrementally over the years while we have reacted just like the frog in the pot of water slowly being boiled to death without realizing what is happening.

Dinner Table Discussion: How have you fallen into the trap of political correctness in your speech? Do you find yourself afraid to speak up for fear of being called inflammatory names? Do you find yourself self-censoring before you speak?