Shadow Cabinet, Cyrus and Trump

Excerpt from God’s Chaos Candidate by Lance Wallnau:
Gods Chaos Candidate: Donald J. Trump and the American Unravelling

“The next president is the will be the 45th president of the United States. Isaiah 45 prophesies about a leader that will arise 150 years in the future. This leader will not be one who knows God but one that is anointed by God to bless the Jews.

Isaiah predicted that Cyrus would virtually walk right into Babylon without a struggle. Historians explain that he diverted the waters of the Euphrates River, making the river level drop and giving the invading forces the ability to enter the city that night through the riverbed. Just as Isaiah said prophesying to Babylon, “I will dry up your rivers” Isaiah 45:27.

Just as Isaiah wrote, the gates would “not be closed” (Isaiah 45:1), and the Persians easily entered the city through the open gates. “That very night Belteshazzar, King of Babylonians, was slain.” (Daniel 5:30).

Within a year, Cyrus declared all the Jews held captive in Babylon were to be set free and allowed to return home to Jerusalem, as described in Ezra 1. These two events – the taking of Babylon, without a battle, and the freeing of the Jews soon after – are both remarkable historical events tied to a prophecy in Isaiah 150 years before they occurred. I find it remarkable that God calls people to specific tasks before they were born, don’t you?”

The Cyrus Cylinder, an artifact, dating back to the time of Daniel, between 538-529 BC, that records the destruction of Babylonian empire and the return of the Jewish people to Palestine from their captivity. This confirms what the Bible tells us.”

My Comments:

Lance has researched scripture and discovered the similarities between the issues that Cyrus faced and the issues that the next president faces. It is amazing that the issues are the same.

The Shadow government/cabinet – we have all heard of this but usually dismiss it as myth. Lance exposes the apparatus that we and Trump face with this “shadow cabinet”. It is absolutely a machine that was put into place to tear down and destroy the influence of conservatives and Christians. He discusses this on page 9 and 10 in his book, God’s Chaos Candidate: Donald J. Trump and the American Unraveling that is available on Amazon. We need to understand the strategies of the Progressive Left and Lance has laid it out for us to see and understand.

There is strategy in his book that will benefit us all. There is also an understanding of Trump and the different phases of his life. Just like all the other Cyrus leaders that God has raised up – Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Harry Truman, Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan – Trump is uniquely qualified to deal with the issues the next president will face. He has already broken through the political correctness philosophy causing conversations that were previously taboo. Thank you Mr. Trump!

Lance Wallnau has written a book that not only illuminates Trumps’ qualities but educates us on the machine that is working to destroy a free American Republic. It is an easy read and offers strategies as we go forward. I can’t stress enough how important it is for us to fully understand the times we live in and our role to reverse the path toward socialism.

It is past time for American Christians to wake up and decide to enter the battle for the hearts and minds of Americans!